Charcoal toothpaste makes for a perfect “bit of coal” for the naughty stockings...


Super concentrated, smile brightening whole mouth care with no fillers.


Using the purest food grade active ingredients to target and support the mouth as a system, AmosSoma is proud to introduce charcoal whitening toothpaste.


A little goes a long way—simply scribble your dry toothbrush on the paste’s surface, run the brush under water and gently brush for the standard two minutes. (You’ll look like a swamp monster while brushing!) Rinse well and voilà! Pearly chompers in a happy mouth.




  • coconut oil (whitening & detoxing)
  • white kaolin clay (non abrasive & deep cleaner)
  • bentonite clay (remineralizes teeth & fights plaque)
  • diatomaceous earth (combats tarter & gingivitis)
  • activated charcoal (absorbs bacteria & stains)
  • baking soda (inhibits bacteria & freshens breath)
  • peppermint oil (fights anaerobic bacteria & gum disease)
  • stevia leaf powder (natural sweetener)


charcoal whitening super concentrated tooth paste 1.25oz

  • Coconut oil
    White kaolin clay
    Bentonite clay
    Diotomaceaous earth
    Activated charcoal
    Baking soda
    Peppermint oil
    Stevia leaf powder


Nadeen Olson


9/13/22, 3:45 PM