Level up your AmosSoma skincare with HAFTA — a super-concentrated, line smoothing, glow-producing bottle of amazing…


Hyaluronic Acid brings intense hydration and regeneration on a cellular level — HMW (High Molecular Weight) Hyaluronic Acid attracts and binds water to replenish the moisture in the skin while preventing evaporation through the epidermis —  protecting and moisturizing skin’s surface while it improves skin’s elasticity.  Hyaluronic Acid plays a crucial role in hydrating the skin’s intercellular reservoirs thus smoothing lines and wrinkles. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help to soothe sensitive or irritated skin.


Frankincense essential oil promotes cellular health, strengthens, lifts, & tightens. It’s a powerful astringent to reduce blemishes & pore size. Peer-reviewed studies indicate that Frankincense may target and attack mutating cells while supporting healthy cells.


Tamanu oil’s anti-inflammatory properties help to calm irritation, reduce redness, speed healing, & combat hyperpigmentation while omega-rich fatty acids lock in antioxidant-rich moisture.


Aloe vera supplies soothing vitamin-rich hydration while it helps stimulate collagen production & reduces inflammation. Rich in salicylic acid, it supports the shedding of dead skin cells & glow-dimming bacteria.

It may smell earthy and look a little swampy, but it's a magic miracle in a tiny bottle!


Special pro tip: Dilute with face tonic if you find the concentration too strong.

HAFTA Intense Regenerative Humectant .33oz/10ml

  • Aloe vera
    Tamanu oil
    Frankincense essential oil
    HMW hyaluronic acid




2/13/21, 9:54 AM

alchemy face serum

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! One of the things I miss the most while currently living in South Africa.

AmosSoma signature skincare collection

Jennifer Clark


12/19/20, 2:03 PM

AmosSoma signature skincare collection

I purchased the signature collection for her about a month ago and I'm in love. I have sensitive skin that tends towards redness and uneven skin tone. My skin has a healthy glow now and is soft and supple!! Thank you Amos Soma!!

soul sister tinted lip balm  0.2oz tube



12/18/20, 10:01 PM

soul sister tinted lip balm 0.2oz tube

Such a great way to moisturize lips with a dash of glam.

shampoof dry shampoo 3.5 oz travel size

Debbie A.


12/18/20, 9:49 PM

shampoof dry shampoo 3.5 oz travel size

This product is a MUST HAVE for anyone who has found themselves unable to wash their hair on occasion, or anyone who wants to give their hair a break from overwashing. Shampoof will NOT leave hair with any sort of residue, like the kind common with dry shampoo sprays. This product is an absolute favorite, and will be a repeat purchase, for sure!