Try one of these protocols, or create your own!



go go go girl

The protocol

  1. Gently massage a few drops of one & done combo moisturizer & toner into your skin. This preparation absorbs quickly and provides balancing, moisturizing "skin food."

  2. Doll up your hair and give it a shine without a shower using all-natural Shampoof dry shampoo.

  3. Slap on a dash of soul sister moisturizing lip balm and dazzle the world with your low-maintenance confident self! 

  4. On days you can squeeze in a shower, immerse your self in the buoying aroma and scrubby textures of the body language exfoliating body bar.

boisterous bliss boost

The protocol

Aromas are everything!

  1. Turn your shower into a lemon fantasy as you slough off dead skin and treat your body to an enveloping veil of protective, moisturizing oils using body language spa therapy sugar scrub.

  2. Gently massage a few drops of gently fragrant alchemy serum beneath your eyes and anywhere your face needs moisture and balance.

  3. Mist yourself in a veil of herbal facial tonic 
    Roll on seductive and joyful ambrosia iridescent perfume oil


fast photo finish

The protocol

  1. Use scrub clean to detox and exfoliate

  2. Feed, moisturize and prime your skin with alchemy serum

  3. Pick your look: Apply magic highlighter for illumination and light-diffusing complexion perfection, glow balm for sun-kissed contours, or the enlightenment button for high-beam highlighting

  4. Finish with blushing balm for a healthy rosy blush and rosebud glossing balm for the perfect mask-friendly pucker!


desert island

Especially great for camping, backpacking and diehard minimalists too!

The protocol

  1. Run Shampoof dry shampoo through your hair because it poofs out the funk and keeps hair fabulous without the mess or nasty chemicals

  2. Wash the face with scrub clean soapless cleanser to detox, nourish and clarify

  3. Pat with alchemy ageless face serum—perfect superfood for the skin with naturally high SPF from Carrotseed and red raspberry oils

  4. Dash lips with rosebud perfect glossing lip balm because it’s luxurious and gorgeous and there’s enough balm to share!