We’re not saying achieving actual enlightenment is this easy but my stars - this mighty highlighter is gorgeous! 


The enlightenment button for cheekbones, inner corner of eyes and brow bone, bridge and tip of  nose, Cupid’s bow.... it’s instaworthy!

Product notes

Slight variations between batches of AmosSoma products should be expected and savored. Natural ingredients are created and thrive in ever-shifting environments. 


​We are committed to environmentally friendly ingredients, practices, and packaging. Always tested on friends and family, never on animals.

the enlightenment button

  • Meadowfoam seed oil
    Zinc oxide
    Essential oils of tangerine and lavender


Nadeen Olson


9/13/22, 3:45 PM

I have been using the lip balm since I purchased it at your booth on Bainbridge Island and it has been wonderful. My lips have never been so moist and they do not peel as they have with other products.



7/24/22, 1:48 PM